The Permanent Residential Aged Care request for a Combined Assets and Income Assessment

The Permanent Residential Aged Care request for a Combined Assets and Income Assessment form is one of the more formidable Centrelink forms. Not only does it need to capture details of a resident's assets and income, but also details of the former home (and who is living there), detail around the admission to an aged care facility and detail on who is able to liaise with Centrelink on the Resident's behalf.


146 Parts

At 28 pages, and with 146 separate (and numbered) sections, the form is substantial. 

29 Documents

On page 26 is a list of 29 types of supporting documentation required to back up information in the form. In some cases, the document is required a number of times - such as bank account statements.

1 Resident

The form has to be comprehensive. This is because each Resident's situation is different. While a resident may not need to answer every question, the form will have all the questions need to get a full picture of the resident.


Do you need help filling it out?

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We also include some tips on getting the job done, and links to more information if you feel you need it.

This results in a lot less confusion, and a fast way to get the form finalised.

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Also - know that you can simply come back to the form if you don't have all the information to get through at the time, and we will not ask for specific information such as addresses or Centrelink numbers or account details.


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