Estate Planning

Have peace of mind knowing your assets are passed onto your family or beneficiaries in the most effective way.

Equally as important, is planning who can make decisions on your behalf should be unable to, and guidance to those decision makers around your treatment should you be seriously injured or ill.



The treatment of superannuation assets upon death is complex. There is scope for tax on superannuation assets being distributed upon death that may have been tax free if taken while alive.

wills and trusts

Your will is the document that directs how your estate is to be distributed amongst your nominated beneficiaries. 

In some cases, the creation of a trust as directed by your will may have significant advantages.

power of attorney 

Getting a power of attorney means you are legally appointing a person or an organisation to make decisions, sign documents and act on your behalf in various matters.

advance health directive

If illness or serious injury (temporary or permanent) prevents you from making decisions about your health or personal care, advance care planning makes sure that your beliefs, values and preferences for treatment and care are understood and respected.