Set up a google email address for all of your administration

What?  Setup a new email account to deal with all of your administration using the Google email service - known as gmail. It's free

Why? Your personal email account is probably getting overloaded with spam, and you may spend more time deleting emails than opening them and reading them. It makes sense to go with a major provider that is motivated to offer a constantly improving service. Google do a good job of separating out promotional emails, so they don't clutter your inbox.

Having a google email account also has a bunch of other benefits  - like access to a full suite of free services, and the opportunity to do more to wipeout spam email. More about that later.

How? Creating a gmail account is easy. Just go to the account creation page and find a user name that is still available. You may end up with an address with a few numbers - depending on how many people in the world with your same name have signed up for an email address with google!

What's next? Now you have a separate email address you can use to track your administration. You may be able to integrate it into the email service you use on your home computer (great if you know how to do that). Or you can simply login when you are in your internet browser - like Chrome or Exploroer. 

Where you need to use an email in your day to day, use this one and see how the spam emails that come once you give your email to anyone are neatly filed away.

There's more I use all the tools that Google has to offer every day - both in my business and in my personal administration. I'll have a lot more to say on what else you can do once you have started with a gmail account. 



AuthorBrendan Ryan