Included in the NSW Budget papers is a statement outlining a “cost” of the concessions offered to various groups in the state.

This statement offers an insight into the entitlements offered by the NSW State Government, and their take-up - and they are big numbers.

The major savings for NSW Seniors are in vehicle and license costs. Free Ambulance for Pension Concession Card holders is also a major cost.

It's also good news for those whole like fishing, boating and National Parks.

Vehicle tax, registration and drivers license (2).png



These numbers demonstrate what many older Australians already know - the government has a lot to offer older Australians, but making the most of it is hard.

With support offered by so many different programs, and requiring so many different ways to apply, making the most of what the government has put aside can be overwhelming

Later Life Advice works with Australians to apply for the age pension, maximise their entitlements, and stay organised.

We can help.

Note: Not all programs are exclusive to Pensioner Concession Card Holders. They may also offer support for low income households, or schools students (in the case of Public Transport Concessions). 

AuthorBrendan Ryan