Centrelink is just one part of what is less commonly called the "Transfer System". This is the complicated range of government payments and programs that form a large part of the life of the average Australian. Governments collect tax, and re-allocate it back through different programs and payments.  It's not just a safety net, but an active part of people's lives through daily interactions with a range of government departments. We help our clients understand the system, and how it impacts their plans.


Age Pension

A very busy space

Moving a loved one into care is hard enough without getting to the bottom of the financial implications. Whether you are trying to understand cashflows, wondering about alternatives, or trying to help all the family members understand the choices, we can help. 



A very busy space

This is where the growth is. The government wants to keep older Australians at home, and most older Australians want to stay home too. There are a number of government programs - however the impact of means testing, the wait and the suitability of services makes the balance hard to find.


Everything Else

getting more standardised

Retirement Village pricing is notoriously difficult to understand. This is changing with an Inquiry running in NSW and greater resources applied by NSW Fair Trading. We help our clients consider their options.