We are different

Later Life Advice brings to clients knowledge and thinking around the challenge of working out what a life will be like in retirement. Why is this different? Well the broader financial services industry is very focused on saving for retirement, and keeping money invested. An orderly drawdown of investors money over time may not be in the best interests of a bank. Same goes for selling an investment portfolio or closing a superfund if it is a better use of assets to pay for care. By having a broad knowledge of Centrelink and the financial implications of aged care, we are in a better position to advise our clients. 


experienced and qualified

Our founder, Brendan Ryan, is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), who established his credentials in aged care advice 10 years ago while at Macquarie Bank. Brendan's experience in research companies and markets, combined with the highest level financial planning qualification placed him in a unique position. By drawing on deep analytical skill and experience, Brendan has been able to build and research his own models, without relying on 3rd parties.


Providing better advice to Australians in Later Life is a passion of this business. Simply put, we believe there is a lot of work to be done in helping Australians reconcile their investment decisions with their life plans.


Later Life Advice is a registered trading name of Advise and Assist Pty Ltd. Advise and Assist has it's own Australian Financial Services License, and is free of any influence of a licensee or financial institution.


Without the constraints of a parent company or financial institution, Later Life Advice is able to pursue what it is passionate about. And that is helping people make better decisions.