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We want to help you make an informed decision. 

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Aged Care Costs

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For resident's and their families, we prepare a concise report that details the alternatives available and clearly explains options. This report generally takes 2-3 days to prepare. We will then be on hand to clarify any questions and scenarios that the resident and their family wish to discuss prior to finalising care arrangements.

In later life, things are different. Managing financial affairs with a view to government rules around the age pension and aged care costs, as well as end of life planning is a very different story to a lifetime of saving and investing.

Later Life Advice has a specialist approach.


You get a fast turnaround on understanding the financial implications of moving into residential aged care.

We need some information to do these calculations, like details on assessable assets and income, the offer from the aged care facility, and information on the family home.

We can show you a number of scenarios - like what happens if you wish to retain the home, or different ways of paying accommodation costs.

We send you a questionnaire to complete, and may follow up with a few more questions.

We then send you a report detailing our forecasts, and we discuss the findings.

Later Life Advice is able to help manage investments with a clear view of what is ahead.

The needs of an older Australian are different. 

With the potential for increasing care costs, and ongoing government rule changes, decisions need to be made with a clear view of what to expect.

Older Australians also need to focus on keeping assets safe and easily accessible - isn't this what a lifetime of saving has lead to?

Older Australians should take the opportunity to look at their assets in a different way, and make a strong connection between their situation, and the view the government will take in determining how much they can expect to be supported.

Later Life Advice can help.

We engaged Brendan Ryan of Later Life Advice when we were set to relocate my father into an aged care facility.

His advice, service, professionalism and friendliness were excellent.

The three main aspects that come to mind were:

1. He looked at all the options, even contacting the senior management of our selected aged care facility to provide the best package, which we would not have considered;

2.He provided an opportunity for provision of providing a full service or the key advisory aspects so we could undertake the actual delivery (we undertook the key implementation aspects ourselves and he remained positive of our choice); and

3.He was readily available for conversations and advice during the period we were deciding as we better understood the options and opportunities.

I have advised the facility management of the excellent service he provided.
— John

We provide the information to help our clients make the best decisions, taking into account your choices, your expected costs, and your entitlements.