Pensioners get a free drivers license and registration for one car


Later Life Advice has found more than 40 programs, rebates and concessions available for age pensioners. In this series we look at the rebate, the value and how easy it is to apply.

What? NSW Residents get a free driver's license and registration 

How much? A 5 year drivers license normally cost $180. The motor vehicle tax for a standard car is $457. The annual registration fee is $65. This is a saving of $702

How to apply? Application is easy. Simply provide your Concession Card details during the vehicle registration process.


The NSW Government has estimated that free registration to pensioners will cost $313m in 2017-2018, the registration fees will be $59m, and the drivers license fee exemption will be $26m. That is nearly $400m, and just for NSW.

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The NSW government offers a considerable cost saving for pensioners owning and driving cars.

Out of the 40+ concessions, programs and discounts offered by State and Federal Government, this one is one of the best.

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Source: 2017-18 Budget Paper No. 1 - Budget Statement - Appendix A6: Tax Expenditure and Concessional Charges Statement

AuthorBrendan Ryan