Appliance Replacement Offer

Later Life Advice has found more than 40 programs, rebates and concessions available for age pensioners.

That's a lot to track down, and many places to look.

Here we look at a good deal for age pensioners in NSW looking to update an old fridge and or TV.

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What? NSW Government is offering discounted fridges and TV's to age pensioners. The objective is to replace older appliances with newer, more energy efficient appliances. Your fridge needs to be more than 6 years old, and your TV a plasma or Cathode ray model

How much? The discounts offered on the fridges are up to $600 for the bigger models, and you can save about $250 on the TV models available. A quick search online should let you know how good the deal is, depending on the model you want.

How to apply? Application is easy. You will need to have a copy of your concession card to upload to the site, and then you will deal directly with the Good Guys to pay the rest. There are even discounted delivery rates and a service to take away your old fridge or TV.

Stay tuned

This program offers up front savings, and the prospect of ongoing savings by using more efficient appliances.

Out of the 40+ concessions, programs and discounts offered by State and Federal Government, this one is one of the best. Stay tuned as we track down more of these.

AuthorBrendan Ryan