Gold OPAL Card

What? NSW and ACT Seniors and Concession Card holders have access to the public transport network at a capped rate

How much? $2.50 per day


How to apply? Application requires setting up an online account, and providing your concession number. You can top up your card at the OPAL kiosks, or if you want to be really organised you can setup an auto-top up from a linked credit or debit account.



The NSW Government estimates that the concession provided to pensioners, seniors and welfare beneficiaries is $676m.

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The NSW government offers a considerable cost saving for pensioners using public transport.

Out of the 40+ concessions, programs and discounts offered by State and Federal Government, this one is one of the best.

Stay tuned as we track down more of these.

Source: 2017-18 Budget Paper No. 1 - Budget Statement - Appendix A6: Tax Expenditure and Concessional Charges Statement

AuthorBrendan Ryan