Long Live You - you may have seen the advertisement in newspapers, on TV, or heard it on the radio.

What is it exactly?

Long Live You seems to be the place that shows the government programs that support Australians living a “healthy, independent and connected life”.

The reality is that this website demonstrates what Australians in Later Life already know - the government really does offer meaningful support, but it comes from so many different departments and programs that making the most of it requires a lot of work.

Lets look at the number of websites linked to from the Long Live You website:

  1. Budget 2018-19

  2. ASIC MoneySmart

  3. Department of Human Services

  4. Budget 2018-19 (again)

  5. Jobs.gov.au

  6. Budget 2018-19 (again)

  7. Eat for Health

  8. Department of Health (Choose health)

  9. Heart Foundation

  10. Department of Health (Better Ageing)

  11. Govolunteer.com.au

  12. Mens sheds

  13. Be Connected

  14. MyAgedCare

  15. Budget 2018-19 (Again)

  16. Budget 2018-19 (Again)

That is 16 links. And some of those links offer links to more places.

And within each of these links, is more stories of course.

And these links do not refer to programs already vitally important to older Australians - like Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

And there are the tax schemes, like SAPTO, utility rebate schemes, local council rates - or any of the 40 or more Government (local, State and Federal) schemes, programs, vouchers, bonuses, rebates, concessions, discounts, supplements or support that are on offer.

Long Live You may seems like a lot of links - but it is certainly not comprehensive.

Later Life Advice can help.

AuthorBrendan Ryan