A smart, low-cost investment setup is key

There has been an incredible amount of innovation in the way your money can be managed. The result is lower cost and less hassle.

Index funds, industry funds and competition has allowed for better choice and ease of management.

If you have had your investments managed in the same way over the last 10 years, there is a good chance you are paying too much.

Money has been set aside for
you by the government

Australians turning 66 are entitled to a whole range of government support. Knowing what you can claim, and how to do so, isn’t always straightforward.

Commonwealth Seniors Health Card is
for self-funded retirees

The Commonwealth Seniors Health Card helps with prescription medicines and health services.

In NSW, Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holders are also entitled to a $200 energy rebate to help with power bills.

In NSW rural and regional areas, Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holders will be entitled to a $250 Regional Seniors Transport Card.

You can apply for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card the day you turn 66.

Make contact with us to discuss eligibility and application

Age Pensioners have access
to 40+ ways to save money

The Pensioner Concession Card unlocks a vast number of concessions, rebates and programs.

Start with the basics - electricity, gas, water, rates, driver’s license and registration to save thousands of dollars each year.

We have a guide to the discounts, and resources to help you make the most of your Pensioner Concession Card

66 Year old Australian homeowners can borrow money from the government

Both self-funded retirees and age pensioners can borrow money from the government to help with living costs.

The Pension Loans Scheme could be part of your plans, or it could be peace of mind that there is another way to pay for living costs should you need it.

Make better decisions

Still working? Pay less tax.

The government wants to encourage Australians in later life to keep working.

If you are still working at 66, you may be able to save on tax. It’s complicated, but taking the time to understand the system will help you make the best decisions.

Bringing it all together

The switch from saving for retirement and spending your retirement savings is a very challenging one.

It’s more than allocating money for the day to day - you’ll need to know how much government support you’re entitled to, how much you can expect to earn on your money and if your money will see you through.


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