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The Age Pension
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the “System”. 


We can help you understand the system, get organised and ready to apply for the age pension.

An Australian resident qualifying for the age pension must actively apply. 

If you are eligible for the pension, you are also eligible for a whole range of concessions, discounts and rebates. These are tricky to stay on top of and we’re experts at doing it.

The application process is mostly online, complex online forms can be confusing and difficult. Our aim is to maximise your entitlements. We will do all the heavy lifting, fill in the forms and interact with the System for you.

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Understanding your
own financial position

The government uses two tests to determine eligibility for the Age Pension. One test is based on your income (for example the income of somebody working, or an income stream). The other test is based on your assets.

We recommend  that you look at your assets and work out if you are under the threshold. A home owner couple can have about $840k in assets and still be eligible for a pension. It's worth knowing how close you are to the cutoffs.

More advice

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Later Life advice can help you work out if you are eligible for the age pension, help you apply for it, and help you understand what it means to keep it.

Getting the age pension means access to a lot more support.

There are nearly 40 different programs, entitlements and programs that an Australian eligible for the age pension should be aware of.

This support is also government funded. However, to keep track of all you are entitled to will involve dealing with a whole range of government departments, and a whole lot of work applying.

We can help you with these entitlements with a focus on the process of applying.

Start saving

Find out more

No matter how much age pension you receive, you are entitled to make use of these government funded programs.

Here are just a few.

  • Save $110 a year on your gas bill

  • Save $285 a year on Electricity

  • Save $600 a year on your water bill

  • Get Unlimited public transport for $2.50 a day.

  • Free drivers licence and rego - Save $700

  • Save on a new fridge and TV

For only $385 we can organise your forms and get you the entitlements you need.


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