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Working with families coming to grips with the financial side of a move to residential aged care is something we specialise in.

As you know the government offers support to older Australians in Aged Care, unfortunately understanding and applying for help is confusing and difficult for most people. Years of listening to stories, working with numbers, and seeing the range of outcomes in how people interact with "The System" allows us to prepare concise and useful advice.

What we offer.

Later Life Advice will prepare a concise report, explain your options then give you our best advice and back it up with real numbers.

We can also talk you through the report, in person or on the phone.

Our aim is to quickly establish what needs to be done, resolve any problems the report may surface and establish if you need our help moving forward.

Sometimes the answers are simple, some situations in your life are bound to change, sometimes more ideas come to the table. We work with you until problems are resolved and you're feeling confident that everything is going to work out. We've seen the problems that arise before and can guide you through them.

The paperwork and complex forms are something we know backwards. We can help.

From there you can contact us down the track at any point to keep abreast of any changes in the overall situation.

We want you to continuously feel like you have confidently made the best decisions.

Comparing the cost of aged care providers

You may also be looking at a number of aged care providers. There are many reasons why one provider may be more suitable for your loved one.

Thankfully, comparing the costs is straightforward and we will show you how to do it.

Read our free booklet

It will be useful in understanding how care payments work, and how to compare the costs of different aged care providers.

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We understand the rules, the exceptions, the out of the ordinary, the online forms and most importantly we understand the changing needs of retirees and pensioners just like you.


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“In working with Brendan I had the confidence to back my decision. He really helped me understand the options available for mum. Once I was sure I had done all I could to make sure the financial side was covered, I could focus on mum and her care”

Julie, Balgowlah.

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