An action plan for a 65 year old


Australian over 65 are entitled to a whole range of government support.

Knowing what you can claim, and how to do so,  isn’t always straightforward.

It is world of thresholds, rebates, supplements and schemes. Making an application is hard work, and keeping on top of everything is a challenge.

That’s why we suggest you start preparing once you turn 65, start applying as you approach 65 and a half, and stay organised once you are set up.

The team here can help you understand even more.

The Age Pension is the key

The age pension is the key

It all starts with applying for the aged pension. It’s the gateway to the whole system and even if you only qualify for a small amount of age pension, it’s worth applying, just to get the Pensioner Concession Card

Having a concession card will mean:

  1. Changes in how you may be taxed for working

  2. Increased support for health care costs

  3. Access to cost support for a range of everyday costs, like transport, utilities and rates.

Even if you only qualify for a small amount of pension, you will qualify for a Pensioner Concession Card.

The benefits that flow from of the Pensioner Concession Card may be larger than your actual pension. Find out more.

The “system” and your plans

When your age pension payments start, and once you have been set up to take advantage of all your entitlements, you may find that your overall spending changes quite a bit.

This is going to be really important as you try to come to terms with how much life is costing you, and work out how you are going to pay for your life when you take into account your savings and support from the government.

More than 40 ways to save

Schemes, pensions, programs, rebates, bonuses, thresholds, safety nets, concessions, benefits, loans, discounts, assistance, supplements, vouchers and support.

There are so many different terms for the same thing - savings to you.

Unfortunately, making the most of all these entitlements is hard work.

You really should get onto things quickly, and stay on top of what the system has to offer.

Take these 4 steps when you turn 65

As soon as you turn 65, we suggest you take these 4 steps:

  1. Work out if you will be eligible for the Age Pension, and prepare to apply. You can apply up to 13 weeks before you turn 65 and a half.

  2. Start saving on utility bills - such as electricity, gas and water, so you have the details available to apply for pensioner concessions as soon as your card is available.

  3. Work out how to apply for your local council rate concession. This may involve a visit the to council offices or a look at its website.

  4. Start thinking about your day to day interaction with government payments - like Medicare — and work out how to go about applying for the help available. Because there is plenty of help, you just to know where to look.

How can Later Life Advice help?
We work with our clients to:

Spend the rest of their life

Planning the drawdown of your retirement savings involves complex decisions. Future expenses and longevity are highly uncertain. We help you develop an overview, and help you make adjustments as things change

Make sense of the system

There is a complicated range of government payments and programs that form a large part of the life of the average Australian - especially in later life. Keeping on top of changes, and understanding how things work is a day to day challenge.

Get organised

There is an unusually large administration burden on the retiree. Is this how you want to spend your time? Getting this organised offers peace of mind.


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