NSW Budget 2019 : Biggest savings for older Australians

Just how much does the NSW Government support older Australians?

Included in the NSW Budget papers is a statement outlining a “cost” of the concessions offered to various groups in the state.

In 2019-20 the total tax expenditures and concessions is expected to reach $8.8 billion.

Of this, $2.1 billion worth of concessions will accrue primarily to pensioners, older Australians and School Students.

This statement offers an insight into the entitlements offered by the NSW State Government, and their take-up - and they are big numbers.


These numbers demonstrate what many older Australians already know - the government has a lot to offer older Australians, but making the most of it is hard.

The NSW Government has gone some way to alleviate the complexity through its’ Cost of Living service.

Older Australians need to track down and understand entitlements from government at different levels, and with different government departments. While the NSW Government service is not a comprehensive representation of the whole system, it’s a great start.

Brendan Ryan