Australians reaching pension age are entering a stage in  life where  support from the government is likely to substantially increase.

To access this support, you will need to interact with a number of different government departments, and try to understand how a whole range of programs, payments, rebates and concessions apply to your unique situation.

Later Life Advice works closely with clients to make sense of "the system", and plan and organise their retirement.

If all of this seems too complicated, we specialise in this whole process and we can do it for you. You can email us here.


Use our checklist

We have prepared a checklist for you to use with the links on this page.

By systematically checking your entitlements, you can be confident you are making the most of what the government has put aside for you.


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Did you know there are more than 40 programs that Australian Age pensioners are eligible for? To get to the bottom of the story you will have to hunt high and low, amongst a whole range of different government departments, across federal, state and local government.

We have done the hard work for you by organising the most valuable rebates and programs for you to make the most of.

Download our checklist, start applying, and start learning.

We can help you make the most of your entitlements and plan your spending.

Save nearly $2000 with these 5 rebates.

These are the easy ones. Great savings, easy to apply for, and easy to keep track of. Get started as soon as you get your concession card.

Managing medical costs.

Medical costs are a big part of the way the government supports Australians. It’s worth having a closer look at how Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) works for Concession Card holders. Not only is the cost support different, but it is worth letting your Doctor and Chemist know you have a concession card so they can help you make the most of the system.

There is a lot of detail in here, if you need some guidance feel free to get in contact with us today.

Getting around.

Public transport is now very cheap. And don’t forget to get your National Parks card - enabling the vehicle you are in free entry to the 45 National Parks in NSW that charge entry fees. You do need to be organised - apply first, save later.

More entitlements.

Here are some of the more hard to find concessions. While a free fishing license or cheaper Pet Registration may not be a big deal, the Appliance replacement program is definitely worth a look for the great savings, and the savings over time of more energy efficient appliances.

More to understand if you get the age pension.

Jut because you have the Age Pension, doesn’t mean that you cannot work. There is more to know about how you are taxed as a recipient of the Age Pension if you work, and the scheme to allow for part time or irregular jobs. And if you are looking to supplement your income, you should consider the Pension Loans Scheme - which is essentially a Government run reverse mortgage - with some important differences.

It goes without saying that the forms aren’t easy, so feel free to reach out if you need assistance.

We’re happy to share all of this and help you help yourself, but remember, we specialise in helping retirees maximise their entitlements and making their nest egg go further.