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The Commonwealth Seniors Health Card offers self funded retirees the same government health benefits as age pensioners.

Are you eligible?

You will need to be over 65.5, meet residency requirements and satisfy an income test.
The income test can be confusing - especially when it comes to how superannuation is assessed.

What do I get?

Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holders have a lower Medicare Safety net - which means the government steps in to help with costs when the amount of spending is lower than for other medicare Card holders.

Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holders also have concessional access to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). This means medications are a lot cheaper, or free for those who have more than 5 PBS covered medications a month.

Also, card holders are more likely to be bulk-billed when they see medical practitioners because the  government provides incentives to do so.

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How we can help

We can help you work out if you are eligible, and help you apply.

By providing some information on your financial information, we can let you know if you meet the income test.

If your income is below the limits, we can fill in the forms for you, ensuring your application is processed without any delays.



“I felt I was driving Brendan mad with all my questions - however, he had all the detail covered because he prepares the work himself”

Brooke. 65. Pensioner

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