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Are you there yet?

The switch from saving over your working life to living from your savings is challenging.

How do you decide how much to spend?

How do you account for longevity, medical costs, government support and the whole range of other variations to this story, and feel like you are drawing down the right amount of your savings from week to week?

The reality is that you will never predict with 100% certainty what the future will bring. However, with some  thought and a commitment to ongoing adjustment and revision of your plans,  you have a much better chance of getting it right.

Our clients want to:


1. Spend the rest of their life

Planning the drawdown of your retirement savings involves complex decisions. Future expenses and longevity are highly uncertain. We help you develop an overview, and help you make adjustments as things change

2. Make sense of the system

There is a complicated range of government payments and programs that form a large part of the life of the average Australian - especially in later life. Keeping on top of changes, and understanding how things work is a day to day challenge.

3. Get organised

There is an unusually large administration burden on the retiree. Is this how you want to spend your time? Getting this organised offers peace of mind. We can help

4. Trust their advice is independent and in their best interest

Later Life Advice is independently licensed so our clients can be confident there is no bias or hidden agenda in the advice and service we offer. We are passionate about improving the lifetimes of our clients.

Our services

Let's work together

Later Life Advice works with a small group of clients. In each case, the relationships have been formed over many years, and strong relationship of trust has been built up. Later Life Advice views that trust as a privilege, and is proud that these relationships of trust have often lead to friendship. Later Life Advice keeps learning from the experience of these clients.

Get concise information. Quickly.

We can step in and help with the decisions and process around entering into Residential Aged Care. Of all the work we do, being able to help a confused family make sense of a complicated process in a short period of time is the most satisfying. Clients range from company CEO's, siblings with differences of opinion, and spouses whose situation has suddenly and permanently changed.

All in one go.

Work out your age pension eleigibility. Apply for it. Get on top of all the concessions, rebates and programs out there to help. This is about getting organised and getting on with your life.

Why choose us?

There are many people out there offering financial advice. We are different for these 4 reasons:


The founder of Later Life Advice, Brendan Ryan, has been working in Financial Services for 25 years. After graduating with an Economics Degree from the University of Sydney, Brendan began a 20 years career at Macquarie Bank. Whilst working at Macquarie Bank, Brendan completed a graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment and qualified as a Certified Financial Planner in 2002. Later Life Advice was established 5 years ago with the sole purpose of providing a dedicated and specialised service for Australians working out how to live off their savings.


Later Life Advice holds its own Australian Financial Services License. This means there are no ties to big banks. This means you can be assured of unbiased advice.


Later Life Advice is focussed on improving the financial lives of Australians in an incredibly important stage in life. By having this single focus, we continue to grow in knowledge and therefore improve as a resource for our clients.


We don’t have big offices, teams of support staff or glossy brochures. We have low overheads and our clients see the benefit of this in a value for money service.

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